No war in Ukraine

Rhonda Retro

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  1. TERRIFIC! The artist SLID produced a delicious 5-page story!
    Page 01 A GREAT intro! The girl has a great set of hooters. Enjoy that her left arm is in front of panel 3.
    Page 02 panel 1 shows a nice view of the interior of her spaceship. Panel 3 is a FABULOUS start of the action.
    Page 03 panel 1 is an AWESOME head-to-toe shot of the girl and her assailant. Wicked punch!
    Page 04 panels 1,2 and 3 show a STUPENDOUS

  2. ripping of her clothes while simultaneously being penetrated. EXCELLENT. Page 04 panel 2 is a MAGNIFICENT wide-screen shot of the girl being violated.
    Page 05 is a SPLENDID ending with panel 1 showing the girl upfront being licked and penetrated simultaneously. Her full face and the entire spaceship with the dialogue-balloons shown at the back of the spaceship, contribute to a PERFECT wrap-up.
    The artist SLID has OUTSTANDING story-telling skills.

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