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Rhonda Retro 1-3

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  1. AWRIIIIIIIGGGHHHHHTTTT!!!! Not 1 but 3 delectable stories by the WAY COOL artist SLID.
    The story ‘Rehabilitation’ was WICKED! The girl played with the guy’s member that erects for some HOT action! The last panel on page 05 was GREAT because of the positioning of the girl and guy AND because it was a head-to-toe shot.
    The story ‘Honored’ is hilarious! Page 4 panel 2 has the girl caressing the creatures member with BOTH her hands! THAT’S TERRIFIC because I hardly ever see that in an adult cartoon story. Page 5 features a SENSATIONAL ending with the girl shown upfront and from behind.
    The story “Hot Mud” starts with a FABULOUS head-to-toe shot of the girl descending to the planet’s surface. From there the transitioning of page 02 to page 03 is EXCELLENT because page 03 is a widescreen head-to-toe shot that serves to set the girl up for some steaming fun! Page 4 is marked by some FANTASTIC positioning followed by 2 panels on page 5 that are STUPENDOUS widescreen head-to-toe shots of the girl and guy getting it on! Page 05 panel 4 features an explosive finish of this AWESOME story!

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