CGI Huge Pack 90

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  1. OK I’ve finished going through the “Full pack” list and these are the CGI Full Packs that have dead links or are not represented at all on here:

    1-5, 10-36, 43-55, 57-61, 63-65, 68-79, 81-84, 86-90, and as I mentioned in another post, 92-96.

    If these could be re-upped, I would be most grateful.



  2. Just click on the images, the links are here.
    I’ll try to fix that and add adownload link anyway.

  3. OK I believe I have all the packs available… I didn’t see CGI Full packs for #’s 18, 22 and 27. If they exist could you please give me links to them. I searched but didn’t see them listed. I also posted an error I came across for CGI Full pack #76, on that packs entry.

    Thanks for all the goodies and help!


    1. Thank-you so very much for these last 3 packs! I don’t know how I missed them. You are my hero!


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