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Caught a Falling Star 01

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  1. OUTSTANDING! The drawings are crisp and clear! The story-telling is FAST-PACED! The TRANSITION from PAGE 1 to PAGE 2 was EXCELLENT!
    PAGE 2 panel 3 had the alien shove his phallus in her snatch, WITH NO HANDS AND FINGERS AROUND IT! ALRIGHT!
    HATED panel 1 of PAGE 3(Alien on the right grabbed his phallus with his right hand, YUCK!).
    PAGE 4 consists of TERRIFIC 3 panel shots! MARVELOUS!
    PAGE 5 panel 1 shows a GREAT view of the girls chest and abdomen with her snatch licked and penetrated simultaneously!
    PAGE 4 panel 2 is a SENSATIONAL finish! The aliens shoot their loads and NO HANDS AND FINGERS AROUND THEIR PHALLUSES! Only the girl’s hands and fingers should touch and jerk their phalluses!

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