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Mutants World 02

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  1. ASTOUNDING series! The artist T.S. is on par with the magnificent ROM. Crisp and clear illustrations!
    Page 01 panel 1 features a TERRIFIC head-to-toe shot of the guys and gals. Panel 2 shows a GREAT confrontation between the cops and mutants. Page 02 displays a WICKED capture of the girls and defeat of the cops. EXCELLENT transition from page 02 to page 03. NO TIME IS WASTED! Page 03 features a MARVELOUS close-up of the girls being violated. Appreciate very much that the girl on panel 1 GRABS the mutants’ members WITH HER HANDS. No stupid mutant grabs his own member, YES! The expression on the girls face on panel 2 is FABULOUS. This goes for the girls featured on panels 3 and 4 as well. Also, the positions of the girls on page 03 are all STUPENDOUS.
    Page 04 panel 1 features a FANTASTIC close-up while panel 2 shows an AWESOME head-to-toe shot AND the girl has the guy’s dick in her hand, YES! Panel 3 depicts a STRIKING wide-screen head-to toe shot of all 3 holes of the girl being plugged. However, I HATE that the guy, above her head, grabs his own dick while squirting, because it is VERY UGLY when an artist pencils a guy in a panel grabbing his own dick.
    Page 05 features a SPLENDID shift, from the scenes from page 04, to the cops who plan to strike back. SENSATIONAL story-telling and pacing overall!

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