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  • Thomas

    Thanks! 😀

    Any chance of reupping the previous one?

  • Nasir

    THANKS for doing the needful

  • Mr. D

    Thanks for the update. Great website as always. Could and do, you have BBN3 and Flag Girls up to date from today 8/30/12?

  • Inseminator

    I swear the writing gets worse with every new comic. The phrase “Married or unmarried White female” appears on every other page. Sometimes twice on the same page. It’s as if the writer is worried the readers will forget what they’re reading or something.

    And not that I’m complaining about the abortion ‘cos I’ve got somewhat of a fetish for it, but what’s stopping Patricia from giving birth to her White baby before being Black bred? Surely she’s no more or less tainted for Black men weather or not her baby is born? It just seems like the writer was stumped for a story and thought “I know, I’ll have a Republican celebrity have an abortion!”.

    But dispite my criticism I would like to see a 4th BBN. I don’t know how 3 might be topped though. Maybe with Jennifer and and Patricia each trying to claim the world record of most Black babies born. That I’d read.

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